RedEye Australasia is Australia's largest FDM build centre, and part of Stratasys and RedEye On Demand worldwide - the world’s leading rapid prototype and parts builders. Facilitated by RapidPro in Melbourne, RedEye On Demand Australasia produces high quality thermoplastic parts and prototypes by employing the latest in Rapid Prototyping technology … Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).

A true direct digital manufacturing solution, FDM easily converts 3D CAD files into fully operational working parts using a range of engineering thermoplastic materials, such as a 140+ degree C polyphenylsulfone and pc/iso, a material approved for medical applications (ISO 10993-1).

Managing complex part geometry with ease, FDM removes prior design limitations and tooling constraints producing high quality, fully repeatable parts in one piece. And because FDM prototypes are working parts, it streamlines product development, getting finished products to market faster. It is a tue Direct Digital Manufacturing solution with online instant quoting.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Learn about Direct Digital Manufacturing

The use of additive manufacturing processes is what differentiates direct digital manufacturing (DDM) from conventional manufacturing methods, and it is from these technologies that unique advantages and opportunities arise. Direct from 3D digital data, a component is manufactured - layer-by-layer - without machining, molding or casting.

Presentations are viewable in 4 separate sections:

•Part 1: What is Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)?

•Part 2: DDM - Advantages and Considerations

•Part 3: How to Identify Potential DDM Opportunities

•Part 4: How Companies are Using DDM


•What direct digital manufacturing is

•6 major benefits of using direct digital manufacturing

•5 common traits of successful DDM implementations

•4 successful examples of DDM


•Manufacturing Engineers

•Operations Manager

•Design Engineers

•Tooling Designers

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